Harrison's Cave Barbados

While vacationing in Barbados a visit to Harrison's cave is a must see experience.

Because of the central location on the Island no matter what hotel, apartment or villa you are staying at for your holiday  it is easy to reach.

Located near Welchman Hall Gully, Harrison's Cave was opened in 1981 by the Government of Barbados.

It is believed that Harrison’s Cave is the only cave in the world where running water is found along with coloured crystal-like formations.

The cave has large chambers, with stalagmites, stalactites, lakes, streams and waterfalls.

The video below doesn't do the cave justice because of the lack of lighting.

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Harrisons cave   Harrisons Cave

Visitors tour a mile-long route by tram with a stop to walk to a waterfall which plunges to a deep pool below.

Lights are used to highlight the stalactites, stalagmites and cascading water.

The site is administered by the National Conservation Commission.

The visitor's center also displays some Arawak Indian artifacts.